Water Leakage Detector and Protector (Code: )


The water purification device may be leaked due to various reasons (such as shields become loose, O-rings and washers become defected after some years, device hoses become loose due to being stretched).

Water Leakage Detector and Protector is an automatic disconnector of water at the time of leakage, which in case of water leakage it will disconnect the incoming water mechanically.

This small part can be installed on the kitchen cabinet floor or any other surface which may become wet due to water leakage. Incoming water hose of water purification device should be, at first, connected to entrance part of leakage protection before entering to device and after exiting from shield, it will be entered to water purification device. If moisture resulting from water leakage contacts with this part, water leakage protection acts and block incoming water way to the device mechanically.

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