Advantages and Preferences of Aquajoy Water Purification


Having International Valid Standards:

All the components and filters of Aquajoy Water Purification have international standards from global valid organizations. The standards ensure you that this product has been completely confirmed in terms of performance, quality and health. To purchase a standard and healthy water purification device which has international standards certificates assures you for promoting drinking water quality of your family and you can plan for your children's health better and more relaxed.


Using Hygienic Raw Materials & Plastics in Manufacturing Components & Filters:

All parts and components of Aquajoy Water Purification Device have been made of hygienic and food grades raw materials and plastics and are suitable for edible and hygienic consumptions. The plastics and raw materials which are applied in producing filters and components do not react with water and not enter any harmful and incompatible materials with human body into water.


Using Carbon with herbal origin in producing  carbonic filters:

The carbonic filters applied in Aquajoy home water purification system is made of coconut shell. So it has a completely herbal origin and do not add any harmful impurities to water, while in nonstandard and inferior devices charcoal is used in producing filters instead of herbal carbons which will add a large amount of heavy metals and other harmful impurities to water.


Using Standard Materials in Manufacturing Drinking faucets:

There should be used maximum 2.5% soft lead metal in manufacturing drinking water faucets. The main applied metal in Aquajoy drinking fountain valve is brass, while unfortunately the Chinese producers mostly use lead metal for 7-9%. Using lead in these devices and finally their permeability in drinking water threaten human's health during long time.