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Aquajoy water purification device has been designed according to RO Technology (Reverse Osmosis) and is able to reduce Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and Total Hardness (TH) remarkably by omitting suspended solids (e.g. sand and granule, ooze, iron rust, particles resulting from pipe decay), chemical gas (e.g. chlorine), harmful compounds in water (such as nitrate, arsenic, lead and other heavy metals). The accuracy of dissolved impurities in water by Aquajoy is 0.01 nanometer (0.0001 micron).

Aquajoy Water Purification Device, according to its pressure supply pump, is also suitable for regions in where incoming water pressure is less than normal. The maximum hydration of this device is 8 lph which is enough for family's needs. This device has also a 12-liter storage which enables the consumer to store purified water.

Price: 100.00 EUR
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