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Aquajoy water purification device has been designed according to RO Technology (Reverse Osmosis) for the places where the incoming water has Dissolved Solids more than normal limit.

Aquajoy five-stage water purification device according to its pressure supply pump is also suitable for regions where incoming water pressure is less than normal. The maximum hydration of this device is 8 lph which is enough for family's needs. This device has also a 12-liter storage which enables the consumer to store purified water.

Water pressure: the more water pressure is, the higher quality and produced water amount will be as well.

Incoming Water Temperature: The ideal temperature for device is 25 centigrade degree. If the temperature reaches 4, the amount of producing water will be half or less.

Filter Expiration: If the filters are not changed timely, produced water quality will be affected remarkably.

TDS means Total Dissolved Solids in water which equals to total density of all ions existing in water. Dissolved materials in water includes: heavy metals, various salts and gases which cause unpleasant smell, color and flavor of water. Most of the dissolved materials in water are inappropriate and even harmful, the dissolved useful and appropriate materials in water are very low.

TDS measurement nit is milligram on liter Mg/l which is called PPM.

The less impurities dissolved in water are (especially such impurities which are harmful for body as nitrate), the more drinkable and healthier the water will be. On the other side, TDS decrease may have changes in water flavor which will be normal for consumer after a while. The amount of nitrate in water can be reduced up to 90% by means of home water purification device.

Distilled water means the water which has no impurities. In other words its TDS should be near zero. Aquajoy home water purification device removes impurities dissolved in water up to 90% and 10% of impurities are always remained in water, therefore, water will be light and pure greatly but it will not be changed into distilled water.

Side-by-side refrigerators have a carbonic filter. So, they are only able to remove chlorine, unpleasant color and flavor of water and dissolved gases in water, but they are not able to remove dissolved impurities and toxins such as: heavy metals, nitrate, arsenic and etc. They do not remove heaviness and hardness of water. Home water purification devices has carbonic filter as well as fibrous and RO membrane filters which remove all impurities of water. Moreover, water purification device can be connected to side-by-side refrigerator by a branch, so there will be no need to side-by-side refrigerator filter and it can be cancelled.

Non-replacement of water purification device filters timely, not only will interrupt water purification process and endanger quality of purified water, but it also may damage device elements and cause high expenses.

As it was mentioned in description and also manual of device, pretreatment filters which include two fibrous filters and one carbon filter should be replaced after six months. The reason is that suspended particles such as ooze, sand and granule, particles resulting from pipes corrosion which are removed from water by fibrous filter are accumulated around these filters and not only reduces incoming water volume, but also they will create subsidiary pollutions and become a good medium for growing pathogenic microorganisms.

Also, carbon filters which are responsible to remove chemical gases, chlorine and improve unpleasant color and flavor of water are satiated after 6 months and will not be able to adsorb these kinds of impurities. Then, chemical gases and chlorine dissolved in water will be passed from these filters and not only will decrease quality of produced water, but also damage RO membrane overtime and damage it. This is while it can be prevented from RO membrane to be damaged by replacing filters timely and reduce maintenance expenses of device remarkably.

Satiation of active carbon filters will have accumulation of organic materials in these filters. The organic materials absorbed by these filters, when the filters are not able to absorb chlorine,will provide a good medium for feeding and growing bacteria, parasites and other microorganisms and cause serious problems in health and hygiene.

It is certain that replacing carbon and fibrous filters timely secures continuous health and sanitation of your drinking water as well as reducing maintenance expenses of device significantly.

It is recommended after each time of filter replacement, take note of replacement date on a special label which is put in device package and stick it on a visible place. Using this filter to remember the next periods of replacing filters. Moreover, a table has been designed in manual of device for this purpose which you can take note the dates of replacing filters. 

Pretreatment filters are not able to remove impurities and toxins dissolved in water such as heavy metals, nitrate, arsenic, hardness and heaviness of water as well, therefore, home water purification device can promote water quality. 

To select the appropriate water purification device depends on lots of factors in terms of stages and kind of purification which can be mentioned: your consumable water supply storage (urban, well and river piping), type of pollutions existing in water, amount of your daily consumption.  Therefore, you should consult with our technical experts in this regard.

Filters of the first three stages should be replaced every 6 months. If the filters are replaced timely, life of RO Membrane will be two years or more. Final carbon filter should be replaced at least once a year. These times indicate the maximum useful life of filters. So, regarding quality of regional water the filters may be needed to be replaced earlier than the due time which sales experts and representatives recognize it.